Thursday, October 30, 2008

what's happening

TheOldMan pointed out that despite the title of the last blog "why don't i ever blog anymore", I didn't really blog. I just posted a picture.
So here you go. I am not leading a very exciting life so I will just sum up what's up.
I've not been sleeping well. Bouts of insomnia are uncool.
I'm trying contacts again and getting some fancy new glasses. I'm going to have my tear ducts plugged because I have dry eyes. (Thanks mom!)
We rearranged the living room. My house needs cleaning fairies.
Speaking of the fancy new glasses, let me explain our medical spending situation.
TheOldMan has a benefits card that we use as a credit card for medical expenses (copays etc.)
It automatically comes out of his pay and is tax free and all that.
We accidentally used it improperly at the beginning of the year and they suspended us from using it until we paid them back. That just happened this week. So, we have a years worth of money to spend in a short amount of time. So we've made eye doctor appointments and may make some dentist appointments. We are going nuts on the medical care. It is a good thing TheOldMan is going to the eye doctor. His glasses (which he never wears) are round and big and ugly. Plus, the squinting at the tv is killing me. He's driving me nuts. So, I am going with him to make sure he gets nice glasses that he will wear. And since we have an slightly excessive amount of money to spend, I picked out some stupidly expensive frames for myself. He couldnt believe it when I told him how much they were. Needlesstosay, I will have no problem spending this money. If we don't spend it, we lose it forever so I don't feel bad about treating myself.
What else. Oh, Snickerdoodle is going to be a Frog Prince for Halloween. Gramma made his costume and it is adorable. Tomorrow night he's going trick or treating for the first time. He's going with his girlfriends who are dressing like princesses. It'll be supercute. I'll post lots of pictures. And YAY! I get to leave town this weekend. (This town is painfully dull so even if I have to sit in the car for hours, which I hate, it is better than sitting around here all weekend)
Well there is a blog. I am hungry now which is too bad because we have not shopped for groceries and I have no idea what to feed myself.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Smiles on Sunday (Why don't I blog anymore?)

Here is the family celebrating Hermano's Birthday. MJ, Mom, Hermano, Dad in the back. Snickerdoodle, Sissa, Me, RayRay, TheOldMan in the front.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Smiles on Sunday

Haven't posted in a while. Not sure why. Haven't been busy.
Here are some pics.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Before and After

2 years ago when I got pregnant with Snickerdoodle, I weighed 60 lbs more than I do now.
1 year ago when I joined Weight Watchers, I weighed 40 lbs more than I do now.

Check out the pictures. I know that size is just a number but size 6 feels much better than size 18 did.



Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Lame...or Awesome?

Before we get into our regularly scheduled babysitting job has fallen through and we're financially worse off than before.
I'm pretty ticked.
But anyway here we go!

I want honest opinions. TheOldMan thinks my iPod purchases are less than awesome but I'm unashamed of each of them. So I thought I'd hit shuffle and give you an idea of what I listen to. Let me know what you think and give me your musical recommendations.

#1 The Sign - Ace of Base
#2 I Want You - Savage Garden
#3 Mercy - Duffy
#4 Hold On - Wilson Phillips
#5 Say it Ain't So - Weezer
#6 A New Day Has Come - Celine Dion
#7 That's the Way it is - Celine Dion
#8 I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers
#9 Doo Wop (That Thing) - Lauryn Hill
#10 Take a Chance on Me - ABBA
#11 Jump Around - House of Pain
#12 Love Remains the Same - Gavin Rossdale
#13 What a Girl Wants - Christina Aguilera
#14 Say You'll Be There - Spice Girls
#15 SexyBack (clean version) - Justin Timberlake

So there you have a sampling of my mostly 90's musical selection. What do you think?
Lame or Awesome?
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