Monday, June 30, 2008

Blogging Assistance Needed

Blogging Questions since I'm new at this:
  1. Where can I find a cooler layout/templete than the ones Blogger has available?
  2. I put a link to something in a previous post but how do I do it so that when you click on the word it links to the page instead of just having a link stuck in the middle of my post?
  3. I thought I had more questions. I guess I'd like any tips about Adsense too. I set up an account but not sure I'm using it effectively.
  4. I think that's it.
  5. Thanks, have a good night

It kinda feels like going underwater

I have finally decided to try the Nasel Rinse my doctor gave me a few months ago.
I have suffered from headaches most days for as long as I can remember. I assumed I had allergies. A trip to the doctor confirmed that really isn't the problem. I assumed it must be because I have a defiated septum. The doctor confirmed my nose really isn't as crooked as I thought and I would not be getting a insurance-paid nosejob.
So my headaches, while not really that terrible but still annoying, have no known cause. The ear/nose/throat doctor gave me the NeilMed Nasel Rinse.
Since taking Sudafed everyday for unknowncaused headaches felt silly and unhealthy, I finally decided to rinse my nose out.
Let me just say, I was horrified at the idea. I actually made TheOldMan try it first. I can't swim, I don't go underwater. So the idea of having water fill up my sinuses was terrifying.

It's really not so bad. I haven't taken any medicine in days. Hermano wanted to try it so I bought him one. (He has always been anti-medicine but was sick of being stuffed up)
He used it last night and doesn't feel stuffy today. Overall, I'm sold. It says to add it to your daily routine. Use it everyday. I totally agree. The more you use it, the faster it goes through. Which makes me feel like me sinuses must be cleaner than before. I bought it for about $12 at Walgreens.
Just a recommendation. Give it a shot. Follow the directions. It comes with a 30page informative booklet so all the information you will ever need and more are in there.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Smiles on Sunday

Baby Steps

I may have to put up a video of it because it's so darn cute.
Snickerdoodle is getting so close to walking! Well technically he is walking.
Friday he would take one step and then dive. Saturday morning he took one step and stayed up.
Saturday evening he took 3 steps at a time. We just kept holding out the stuffed meerkat his Uncle Hermano got for him at the zoo. He loves it. He slept with it last night and when he gets upset in nursery at church, they usually have to find it in the diaper bag to make him happy again.
Speaking of which, I should call Hermano and see if he's awake and joining us for church.
I'm going to
Oh well. TheOldMan's at work today so I have to get myself and Snickerdoodle ready.
I should go do that instead of telling you about it.
Oh! I'm going to have a weekly Sunday post called Smiles on Sunday. Which will just be a smiley picture of someone (it'll usually be Snickerdoodle I'm guessing) Check it out later this afternoon!
Have a great day!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

bad girl!

I was going to fast and pray yesterday. I ended up eating and not praying.
So today! Prayer and Fasting!
So far, so good on the fasting.
I was going to use my alone time during Snickerdoodles nap to pray and maybe even read the Bible.

I read blogs instead.

By the time Snickerdoodle takes his afternoon nap, theOldMan will be home from work so hopefully I can send him to the store or something so he's not a distraction.
Blah. Bad girl!
I have been such a lazy Christian for so long that I feel bad about going to God with my heartaches. My heart aches for loved ones who are dealing with a heapload of crap. I don't go to God enough with the good things. This next comment will be ridiculous but...I feel like, since I don't have a close relationship with Christ like I should and would like to, he really has no reason for listening to my prayers. And yes, I know that's not how God works. Silly statement warning: I feel like he will be more likely to listen to these prayers since they are on the behalf of someone else. I know he has no reason for answering my prayers, I make very little effort to be close to him. I take him for granted. But that's why his grace is so amazing. So hopefully bathing my loved ones situation in prayer will awaken the desire to talk to God more. That's my prayer.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

No more soda :(

I've been cutting back on my Diet Pepsi intake and I think it's finally time to quit it completely.
Hermano and BlueEyes don't drink soda anymore and they seem very happy about it. (Yes. Not only do the husband and child get nicknames but so does everyone else. I have one for everyone. It's more fun that way I think)
So anyway, once the last of the Diet Pepsi is gone, I will buy no more.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Too young for terrible twos?

These pictures were taken within seconds

Say Cheese!


Tomorrow when I weigh-in at Weight Watchers, I will hit a milestone weight. 55lbs lost. Even more exciting...I only have 10 to go. I may be able to get there before Hermano's wedding in August. That's a good thing because the dress I bought doesn't fit yet. Neither does the other dress my Mama made me to wear to wear at the rehearsal. Even if I don't get to goal weight, I'd like to fit into the dresses.
Technically my goal weight is 15lbs to go but Mama thinks I would look gaunt. So I moved it up 5lbs. Plus it has given me hope that I can actually get there. 15lbs seemed insurmountable somehow but 10 seems possible. Sounds kind of silly considering how far I've come but I'm still very easily discouraged.
Only somewhat related side note: My new favorite snack is Fiber One Chewy Bars in Oats & Caramel. I dare say they are decadent. If you need more fiber in your diet, try them. I have to make sure I only eat one a day...otherwise, well, they have a lot of fiber that's all I'll say. Seriously I love them so I want to spread the word. They are good.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Snickerdoodle's New Do

Snickerdoodle got his first haircut on Thursday. She did a great job with it considering he is a wiggler. So the front's a little crooked, it's understandable.

I decided to try something with it after his bath. Maybe we'll do this everyday until it grows out.
By the way, it took me a while to find this picture on the computer. The first 8 months of his life, any time we uploaded pictures from the camera to the laptop, we saved it in a weekly folder automatically. He's now 11 months old and there are 3 months worth of pictures unorganized on my computer. I may be a very messy person and a lazy person but in my heart I am an OCD neatfreak. The unorganized pics are almost too much for me to handle.


The OldMan and I let Snickerdoodle get his own cone at DQ this evening. He would have finished it himself but the mess got out of control and I threw the rest of it away. The boy loves ice cream and I'm only partially ashamed about giving an 11 month old ice cream. It makes him happy.

This is my new blog

I don't have much to say right now but felt like starting a blog. I was inspired by flipflopmamma Jaymi. Her organic-ness and fun blog are inspiring. Being green and cutting out sugar and all that sound like a good idea but a lot of work. So I thought I'd atleast start a blog. I'm not sure how it'll help me be more organic but we'll give it a shot.
Right now I'm watching the Cardinals in extra innings against Boston. They better pull it out. I really hate Boston.
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