Monday, June 30, 2008

It kinda feels like going underwater

I have finally decided to try the Nasel Rinse my doctor gave me a few months ago.
I have suffered from headaches most days for as long as I can remember. I assumed I had allergies. A trip to the doctor confirmed that really isn't the problem. I assumed it must be because I have a defiated septum. The doctor confirmed my nose really isn't as crooked as I thought and I would not be getting a insurance-paid nosejob.
So my headaches, while not really that terrible but still annoying, have no known cause. The ear/nose/throat doctor gave me the NeilMed Nasel Rinse.
Since taking Sudafed everyday for unknowncaused headaches felt silly and unhealthy, I finally decided to rinse my nose out.
Let me just say, I was horrified at the idea. I actually made TheOldMan try it first. I can't swim, I don't go underwater. So the idea of having water fill up my sinuses was terrifying.

It's really not so bad. I haven't taken any medicine in days. Hermano wanted to try it so I bought him one. (He has always been anti-medicine but was sick of being stuffed up)
He used it last night and doesn't feel stuffy today. Overall, I'm sold. It says to add it to your daily routine. Use it everyday. I totally agree. The more you use it, the faster it goes through. Which makes me feel like me sinuses must be cleaner than before. I bought it for about $12 at Walgreens.
Just a recommendation. Give it a shot. Follow the directions. It comes with a 30page informative booklet so all the information you will ever need and more are in there.

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Megan said...

Tom had a deviated septum and had surgery back in December... then an artery popped in his nostril and he lost like, a gallon of blood. Glad to see you don't have to have surgery. ;)

On a brighter note - he did use the neilmed stuff, too. It really works people!

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