Saturday, June 28, 2008

bad girl!

I was going to fast and pray yesterday. I ended up eating and not praying.
So today! Prayer and Fasting!
So far, so good on the fasting.
I was going to use my alone time during Snickerdoodles nap to pray and maybe even read the Bible.

I read blogs instead.

By the time Snickerdoodle takes his afternoon nap, theOldMan will be home from work so hopefully I can send him to the store or something so he's not a distraction.
Blah. Bad girl!
I have been such a lazy Christian for so long that I feel bad about going to God with my heartaches. My heart aches for loved ones who are dealing with a heapload of crap. I don't go to God enough with the good things. This next comment will be ridiculous but...I feel like, since I don't have a close relationship with Christ like I should and would like to, he really has no reason for listening to my prayers. And yes, I know that's not how God works. Silly statement warning: I feel like he will be more likely to listen to these prayers since they are on the behalf of someone else. I know he has no reason for answering my prayers, I make very little effort to be close to him. I take him for granted. But that's why his grace is so amazing. So hopefully bathing my loved ones situation in prayer will awaken the desire to talk to God more. That's my prayer.


mclcafe said...

Might sound silly... but He listens even when you're not talking. ;)

Anonymous said...

I feel like this sometimes too. It's hard to fit everything into a day, and then you feel really guilty. I'll pray for you in this area:)

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