Thursday, June 26, 2008

No more soda :(

I've been cutting back on my Diet Pepsi intake and I think it's finally time to quit it completely.
Hermano and BlueEyes don't drink soda anymore and they seem very happy about it. (Yes. Not only do the husband and child get nicknames but so does everyone else. I have one for everyone. It's more fun that way I think)
So anyway, once the last of the Diet Pepsi is gone, I will buy no more.


Anonymous said...

This is great! You will notice (after you overcome your addiction) that you will have tons more energy! You will also start losing weight, just by giving up the soda. Also, diet soda has aspartame which is linked to cancer...ew. I always call diet soda Cancer pop...and hotdogs Cancer dogs...not that you asked or anything:)

Anonymous said...

For the record-your dad is trying to give up soda as well.

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