Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baby Steps

I may have to put up a video of it because it's so darn cute.
Snickerdoodle is getting so close to walking! Well technically he is walking.
Friday he would take one step and then dive. Saturday morning he took one step and stayed up.
Saturday evening he took 3 steps at a time. We just kept holding out the stuffed meerkat his Uncle Hermano got for him at the zoo. He loves it. He slept with it last night and when he gets upset in nursery at church, they usually have to find it in the diaper bag to make him happy again.
Speaking of which, I should call Hermano and see if he's awake and joining us for church.
I'm going to
Oh well. TheOldMan's at work today so I have to get myself and Snickerdoodle ready.
I should go do that instead of telling you about it.
Oh! I'm going to have a weekly Sunday post called Smiles on Sunday. Which will just be a smiley picture of someone (it'll usually be Snickerdoodle I'm guessing) Check it out later this afternoon!
Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for clueing me in about nicknames. You also have a blue-eyed brother in law, so I was confused. (nothing new there)

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