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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A blog about my shower curtain

Yes, about my shower curtain. Ridiculous excuse for a blog topic? Yes but it's my blog so I shall blog what I want to blog!
OK, here's the deal. I really like my shower curtain. It is clear at the top and doesn't have hooks.
It looks like this:

You can see through the top but still have privacy. That's nice for several reasons.
  1. Today I took a shower in the afternoon and because it was sunny outside, there was enough light coming through my shower curtain that I didn't have to turn on the lights. Yay for saving energy!
  2. You can see if there is someone hiding in the shower. That's just good to know when you're home alone.
  3. When you take a shower, you can know if someone is coming into the bathroom. No Psycho-like surprise attacks. It's just good common sense to have a see through shower curtain.
PLUS this shower curtain doesn't have hooks! How awesome is that?! I'm pretty sure I got our shower curtain at Walmart (boo) but I didn't see it at so if you click on the picture, it should link you to You could get it there.
So that is my blog about my shower curtain. I like mine and I'm not ashamed about that.
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