Sunday, June 22, 2008


The OldMan and I let Snickerdoodle get his own cone at DQ this evening. He would have finished it himself but the mess got out of control and I threw the rest of it away. The boy loves ice cream and I'm only partially ashamed about giving an 11 month old ice cream. It makes him happy.


Anonymous said...

I didn't let either of the girls have any sweets until they turned one. On their first bday they got their cake, and then it's been downhill since:) The baby is a different story. He hasn't had candy, but he's had cookies, pudding, cake and ice cream. With the 3rd one, whatever keeps him quiet is what I do!! LOL. Oh, and we only get those sweet things at parties, it's not an everyday thing (although I do have a slight addiction for Subway cookies!)

Anonymous said...

You should post the picture of Snickerdoodle and the ice cream cone. It is one of my favorites!
love you,

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