Friday, August 08, 2008

Legal Genius or Lamest Blog Ever

I watch Perry Mason every weekday at 11. I believe I've expressed my admiration for Perry. He's awesome and there isn't anything else on at 11 so that's what I do. I could do something productive but it's an awesome show so I can't help myself.

I love Della and Paul Drake and even Hamilton Berger and Lt Tragg.
I do, however, find it sad when I recognize guest stars from previous episodes.
I'm not sure the point of this blog but I guess I don't care who knows how much I love Perry.
Even when I would watch it growing up, I would wonder why Perry and Della didn't admit how much they loved each other. Mom has a theory on that but we won't get into it.
Ok, well that's all of my awesome blog for now. Hope you enjoyed.


Anonymous said...

I love Perry Mason.

Anonymous said...

I have an opinion about everything, but you don't have to share my opinion about Della & Perry.
and I love them too.

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