Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Best Money I Ever Spent

I no longer have to pay to go to weight watchers. That's right!
6 weeks ago I got to my goal weight. My BMI is no longer classified as overweight or obese (like it was.) It is classified as Healthy.
Today I received my Weight Watchers Lifetime membership.
As long as I stay at goal weight (or up to 2lbs over) I do not have to pay.

When I got pregnant with Snickerdoodle two years ago, I was at my highest weight. I was devestated and thought that I was doomed to be fat forever.
Weight Watchers has been so easy. Well, it's not easy but it's like childbirth; the outcome makes you forget how hard it was. I know myself and I know that if it was too hard and didn't work, I would have given up. I do not like to work hard.

If you need to lose weight, go to a meeting. It is worth the time and money.


Anonymous said...

I'm really proud of you.
- your sis

Anonymous said...

We have always been proud of you, and we are very proud of(and inspired by)your accomplishment!
love you,

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