Wednesday, July 02, 2008

9 days...and counting

Next Friday when TheOldMan gets home shortly after 3:30pm, we are on vacation. I am ready for TheOldMan to be home for 9 straight days. He deserves it.
The last few days I have been going out of my mind. I'm so bored and tired of being at home. It'll be nice to have a change of pace.
PLUS we are getting Snickerdoodle's 1year pictures taken and celebrating his birthday and having a big ol' schindig with lots of friends. (Having a house full of other people's children has me kind of stressed out but I'll survive. I hope.)
And then it'll be my birthday (yay for presents! boo for getting older)
TheOldMan is getting me an iPod for my birthday (I don't like surprises, I pick out my gifts. I don't want anyone wasting money on something I don't want) so I will take any and all iTunes gift cards I receive :)
Well anyway, I have been really grumpy the last few days. I'm glad TheOldMan has a day off tomorrow. I can't wait for vacation. I'm tired of being in this house. Plus I'm upset with myself because I'm being ridiculous. I hate calling people I don't know but it needs to be done. I'm terrified of saying something stupid and then having to replay the conversation over in my head obsessively. It's for something I want to do so I should just call and get it over with. It's actually impossible to die from embarassment so what do I have to be worried about? Well I'm afraid they'll make fun of me after we hang up and then when I get there, they can point and laugh at the girl from that embarassing phonecall. These are the things that keep me up at night. That and the idiot driving blocks away with their bass pounding at 2am. Stupid paper-thin walled house. Why do people need their music that loud?! I don't understand that! ugh.
okay, i'm done ranting. I'm going to watch Roger Federer pound someone else at Wimbledon now.
Have a fantastic day, I'm certainly going to try.

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Anonymous said...

Glad he's getting some vaca!

Oh, your blog looks awesome!!

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