Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Today's thoughts or Emily's randomness

  • It's 11am. Perry Mason's on (yay!)
  • Snickerdoodle refuses baby food now so he's been eating more "people" food. The diapers have been kind of disgusting.
  • Hermano is babysitting later while I go to my job interview. I hope for everyone's sake Snickerdoodle doesn't have a stinky diaper in that time.
  • I'm hungry but haven't eaten yet. That is silly.
  • I've changed my mind about quitting soda. I can't do it! I won't! You can't make me!
  • Snickerdoodle's getting his one-year pictures done on Saturday. He seems to be dirtier and more accident-prone lately. I'm hoping for a scratch-free, bruise-free face by Saturday.
  • I haven't decided if TheOldMan and I are going to get in a few of the pictures with Snickerdoodle and have a professional family picture taken.
  • I need to decide quickly as TheOldMan will need his hair cut before then.
  • I haven't decided what shoes to wear to the interview. That is very important. I already have the outfit decided but the shoes are troublesome. I've had a tough time buying shoes lately; sometimes I'm an 8 sometimes a 9 1/2. I bought some fabulous shoes for Hermano and BlueEyes' wedding. They are too big but sooo cute. I'll post a pic of the whole outfit later.
  • I ordered my birthday present last night! Yay Government Stimulus!
  • 2 days until vacation and we still have no plans. TheOldMan says we can't go anywhere until the house is spotless. We may not make it out of town
  • Snickerdoodle's party is a week from Saturday and I still have no idea what to do at a 1 year olds birthday party especially when the guests are going to be mostly girls.
  • I should eat lunch while Snickerdoodle naps since after that I'll have to start getting ready to go.
  • I'd rather go back to bed.


Anonymous said...

Let us know how the job interview goes.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I love that you call the boys TheOldman, Uncle Hermano, and Snickerdoodle.

Also, I'm going to be huge for Hermano's wedding.

Fingers crossed for bruise, scratch, and dirt free faces on Saturday.

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